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Why does every religion preach humanitarianism?

Why is religion more like ethicality and less like dominance?

We are likely to discuss the topics that interest our thoughts. We are more likely to discuss the brainwaves that influence our ideas. What we love the most is something that builds horizons of success for our thoughts and ideas. Religion has always been a subject that affects both our creeds and ethicality. As we develop a semblance of sanity, we become accustomed to something far more unique than our childhood. It's nothing but religion.

We learned it when the mushiest clothes swaddled our innocence. We became a crucial part of it when we couldn't differentiate between ideas and thoughts. We formed an integral part of a religious society when we were infants or kids. And we went on to pray for something or someone when our semblance of sanity knew no malice.

How can religion become a tool for betterment and equality?

People will only have to start consociating for benevolent reasons. They may include rehabilitation of lives and transformation towards responsible modernism in society. Medical help, charity and prayers may be the additional reasons to bring healthy lives together toward a healthy world.

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